8 Best AI Video Generator Tools of 2024 You Should Bookmark

Creating videos is a powerful way to communicate, tell stories, and engage audiences. But creating engaging videos isn’t always easy. Traditional video editing software isn’t the most user-friendly, and pre-production and filming can be costly and time-consuming. 

If you want to get started with video creation but are feeling overwhelmed, generative AI has got you covered. AI powered video generators are hitting the market to make video creation easier and more accessible than ever. 

AI video generators create high-quality videos based on simple user inputs. Below are 8 of the most promising AI video generators on the market right now and help you decide which ones to bookmark for later.

8 Powerful AI Video Generator Tools

Product NameBest ForPricingProduct Overview
Lumen5Turning articles into branded videosBasic: $29/month
Starter: $79/month
Professional: $199/month
Lumen5 is an AI powered video creation platform designed to create branded social media content.
VislaEngaging short-form videos for businessesBasic: Free 
Premium: $19/month
Visla is an all-in-one video storytelling platform offering a suite of features, including an AI video generator.
PeechBranded videos to scale marketing effortsFreemium: Free
Starter: $39/month
Advanced: $89/month
Peech is a generative AI video platform that works to align video creation with companies’ unique marketing needs and brand guidelines.
ColossyanCreating videos with AI avatar for corporate learning teams.Starter: $27/month
Pro: $87/month
Enterprise: Custom
Colossyan allows companies to choose from a variety of AI avatars and templates to make professional corporate learning video content.
Hour OneCreating marketing and explainer videos using AI avatarsLite: $25/month
Business: $95/month
Enterprise: Custom
Hour one is designed to create AI-generated videos using photorealistic avatars.
FlikiTurning scripts or blog posts into videos using unique ai-generated voicesBasic: $6/month
Standard: $21/month
Premium: $66/month
Fliki is an AI generator that specializes in creating videos using unique voices and languages.
Steve.aiAI powered animated videosBasic: $20/month
Starter: $60/month
Pro: $80/month
Steve.ai uses cartoon-like avatars to narrate AI-generated videos.
RunwayShort video clips for social media or marketing materialsBasic: Free
Standard: $15
Pro: $35/month
Unlimited: $95/month
Enterprise: Custom
Runway is a cloud-based AI tool that generates videos from images, text prompts, or existing video clips.

1. Visla

We couldn’t write this article without talking about our own AI powered video tools. Visla is an all-in-one video storytelling platform designed to make video creation easier and more accessible. With our AI video generator, users can create compelling videos with just an idea by uploading a script, article, or text prompt. 

To use Visla’s AI video generator, simply enter a description of your video idea and any relevant details. For example, you could type, “Create a video for an environmental nonprofit that explains the importance of recycling” and the AI will generate a short video using stock footage, background music, and an AI-generated voice. 

If you already have a script prepared, you can add it to the text box. The AI will analyze your script and create a video with relevant background music, stock footage, or footage from your personal collection. Once your video is complete, you can export it or make changes using Visla’s AI editing software. You can get started with a free account or subscribe to unlock Visla’s full list of features. 

KEY FEATURE: AI video generator uses stock footage, background music, and AI-generated voices to create quality videos from a single prompt

2. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an AI-driven video creation platform specifically designed to create branded social media content. Their platform uses AI to transform text-based content into engaging videos, with features like automatic scene creation, media selection, and text-to-speech capabilities. Lumen5 also offers a range of customization options to tailor videos for different social media platforms. 

To get started with their blog-to-video feature, add the link to your blog post or news article and click “Go.” Lumen5 will then create a storyboard for you with media relevant to your content. Creators can also choose from pre-made video templates to help stay organized and on-brand. 

KEY FEATURE: Blog-to-video feature allows creators to quickly create social videos from blog posts, articles, and other text-based content. 

3. Peech

Peech is a generative AI video platform that helps marketing teams quickly scale their video creation efforts. This platform works by automatically generating videos that meet marketing needs and specific brand guidelines.  

To use Peech, marketers must first upload their brand’s logo and choose a visual animation style. The software automatically samples brand colors and saves them for future use, making creating multiple videos using the same style easier. Users can also add content to the smart content library, which allows them to repurpose videos for various marketing needs. 

Once their video is ready, users can edit the transcript like a doc and choose specific parts they want to cut or rearrange. This feature is especially useful for pulling clips to use for short-form videos, such as social media teasers or webinar highlights.

KEY FEATURE: Smart content library that allows users to upload and save video clips for later use

4. Colossyan

Colossyan stands out in the AI video generator landscape, especially for its innovative AI avatars. This platform offers users the ability to choose from a wide range of diverse avatars or even create custom ones, making it uniquely flexible and adaptable to various content creation needs.

Beyond avatars, Colossyan excels with features like scenario-based learning templates and the ability to turn PDFs and PPTs into engaging videos effortlessly. These tools are optimized for enhancing the learning experience, making it a go-to solution for educators and trainers seeking to create impactful and memorable content.

Moreover, the platform boasts advanced features such as auto-translation for videos, enabling content creators to easily reach a global audience by changing accents, languages, and even the clothing of avatars to suit different cultures.

KEY FEATURE: Customizable, diverse AI avatars that humanize your video projects.

5. Hour One

Hour One takes video creation in a new direction by using photorealistic virtual people in their AI-generated videos. Users can browse Hour One’s library of over 100 AI powered virtual characters or create a custom character to narrate their video. The customization tool allows users to choose a look, language, and accent that best meets their needs. 

The software is designed for businesses, providing a brand kit and templates for creating marketing, human resources, company news, and learning and development videos. If you want to add on-screen narrators to your company’s videos but don’t have a camera-ready actor on hand, Hour One is the tool for you. 

KEY FEATURE: AI powered, photorealistic virtual characters that can narrate your videos for you

6. Fliki

Fliki is designed to help creators quickly turn scripts or blog posts into videos using unique, AI-generated voices. To use this tool, users can enter a link to a blog post and the AI will generate a video in as little as two minutes. Users can then select relevant images from Fliki’s stock library, choose from 75+ languages and tones of voice, and customize subtitles with colors that match their brand. 

KEY FEATURE: Multiple AI-generated voice options for video narration

7. Steve.ai

Steve.ai is the first AI video generator to add cartoon animation to its list of features. It can convert scripts or audio into videos using stock images, user footage, and animated avatars and backgrounds. Steve.ai’s avatars are cartoon-like, providing a unique alternative to Hour One or Synthesia’s more human-like characters. 

After uploading their script, users can choose an avatar, voice, and design style to match their theme. Steve.ai also lets users make changes to their video after it’s generated, offering customizable color palettes, background music, and captions. Users can even change the avatar’s movements and actions to complement the video’s message. 

KEY FEATURE: Animated avatars with customizable movements and actions. 

8. Runway

Runway is another cloud-based AI tool that generates videos from images, text prompts, or existing video clips. Runway works by analyzing user prompts or static images and creating clips with motion. For example, a user could enter a prompt that says, “Create a video of a beach scene with palm trees, beach chairs, and a sunset,” and the AI would create a clip that matches that description. 

The current version only allows users to produce short video clips, but you can join the waitlist for the new text-to-video feature. Once this feature rolls out, users will be able to create longer videos by uploading scripts or articles. 

KEY FEATURE: Gen-2 feature turns any image or text prompt into a video clip

How To Choose the Right Video Generator 

New AI video generators are hitting the market every day. With so many options available, knowing which tool is right for you can be difficult. Considering these factors can help you decide: 

  • Cost: Consider your budget and choose an affordable option that makes sense for your brand. Most AI video generators offer a free trial, so be sure to take advantage of this option to determine which features are worth investing in. 
  • Purpose: Some video generators cater to specific types of businesses, video-sharing platforms, or creators. Before settling on new software, do some research to ensure it will meet your specific needs. 
  • Platform: While most video generators are web-based, some might require you to download software onto your device. Consider which option will work best for you when choosing a new video generator. 

Generative AI is constantly evolving. If you haven’t invested in an AI-video generator yet, now is the time to do it. Most of the generators in this list constantly improve their products and release new features on a rolling basis.