Repurpose Recordings and Extract Highlights

We know that meetings have become an essential part of remote working. In order to collaborate more effectively, teams often need to record the meetings to be used as reference afterwards so that important information do not go about unattended.
Meeting recording
Visla provides an effective tool for recording your meetings, writing down meeting notes, and extracting highlights from these meetings, thereby increasing productivity by transforming long form contents into succinct snippets. What’s more -- Visla will automatically transcribe all the recorded clips.
Meeting highlight
Once you have downloaded Visla’s desktop clients for the full recording experience, try out our screen recording feature’s “Optimize for Video and Meeting Recording” option. Our meeting recorder does not join your meeting so you do not need to worry about your meeting participants seeing an uninvited guest inside the meeting. You can also take advantage of our meeting notes and extraction features to share highlight snippets from your meetings. Visla helps you easily repurpose recordings into shareable clips to to make team communications more efficient.