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Top Features of Visla's Free Screen Recording

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Screen recording is an essential tool. It offers a dynamic way to capture and share content, whether for professional purposes or educational endeavors.

Record Your Screen With Ease

Screen recording with Visla is a breeze

Visla's Screen Recording feature showcasing the 'Record Anything' option, where users can select a specific area of their screen for capturing high-quality recordings.

Record Anything

Choose to record a specific area of your screen or a particular window, giving you control over what gets captured.

Step Recorder tool within Visla's screen recording app, highlighting the ease of capturing user interface interactions.

Step Recorder

This feature records user interface (UI) interactions and turns them into high-quality instructional videos, ideal for various applications.

Interface of Visla screen recording software demonstrating customization options, including audio selection, webcam integration for picture-in-picture effect, and a note-taking feature.

Customize Your Recording

Customize your recording by selecting the types of sound to capture (like computer or mic audio), use your webcam for a picture-in-picture effect, and include speaker notes if needed. It’s just that easy.

Feature demonstration of Visla screen recording software, highlighting the zoom and pan functionality to focus on details within a selected area of the screen.

Zoom and Pan

  • Enhance your screen recordings with Visla's intuitive zoom functionality to quickly zoom in on essential details.

  • Seamlessly navigate across your screen with the pan feature to maintain a smooth narrative flow.

Interface of Visla's AI Video Editor for screen recordings, featuring options to add supplemental footage from public or personal stock, enhancing the editing process.

Edit Like a Pro

Use our powerful AI Video Editor when you’re done recording your screen to polish your video.

Visla screen recording software interface with a sharing option highlighted, demonstrating how users can easily share their screen recordings.

Share Your Screen Recording

Once your recording is complete, share it with ease. Visla provides options for quick sharing, ensuring your content reaches its intended audience promptly.

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Boost your screen recording experience with Visla’s screen recording

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