10 Best Video Marketing Ideas for Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2023

By Mark Horiuchi

Ready to take your Black Friday and Cyber Monday video marketing to the next level? Video content is your secret weapon. From flash sale teasers to shoppable videos, embracing an array of video strategies amplifies your sales impact, engages your audience, and outshines the competition.

1. Flash Sale Hype with Video Teasers

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing, short video teasers play a huge role in stoking anticipation for flash sales. A snappy 10-15 second teaser can generate palpable buzz, driving social shares and conversations. 

The immediate nature of video captures attention and conveys urgency, compelling viewers to mark their calendars or set reminders for the upcoming sale. High-impact visuals, coupled with tantalizing previews of discounted items, often translate into heightened customer interest and ultimately, increased sales. 

2. Amplify Sales with User-Generated Content

Nothing sells like social proof. User-Generated Content (UGC), particularly customer testimonials and unboxing videos, lends credibility and generates excitement. These real-world reviews act as persuasive endorsements, encouraging prospective buyers to make a purchase. 

To boost UGC, consider running a hashtag campaign or offering incentives like discount codes for the most creative or informative video reviews. This not only generates content but also fosters a sense of community around your brand.

3. ‘How-To’ Videos for Top-Selling Products

Instructional ‘How-To’ videos that focus on your best-selling products serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they assist in the decision-making process, offering viewers a comprehensive look at product features and benefits. Secondly, they can act as a form of customer service by providing existing users with useful tips and tricks. 

These videos answer questions proactively, making the customer journey smoother while subtly promoting your products—a win-win in any Black Friday or Cyber Monday marketing strategy.

4. The Human Side: Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Allowing customers a glimpse behind the curtain can effectively humanize your brand. Behind-the-scenes videos can spotlight anything from the manufacturing process to team culture. Emphasize aspects like sustainability, craftsmanship, or community involvement to align with consumer values. 

Such transparency builds trust, making customers more likely to choose your brand in a sea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

5. Elevate Email Campaigns with Video 

Video in email marketing offers a dynamic way to engage with your audience. In fact, embedding videos can increase click-through rates substantially. Best practices suggest keeping videos short and to-the-point, ideally under a minute. 

Always incorporate a compelling call-to-action and place the video strategically—either at the beginning to grab attention or towards the end as a reinforcing element. With email being a key player in Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing, adding video only amplifies its effectiveness.

6. Curated Video Gift Guides: A Shopper’s Best Friend

Curated video gift guides serve as an invaluable resource for undecided shoppers, especially during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy. By creating thematic lists, such as “Top 10 Tech Gifts” or “Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast,” you offer guidance that can streamline the decision-making process. 

Combine stunning visuals, snappy dialogue, and quick summaries of each product’s key features to keep viewers entertained while informing them. As a tip, consider including clickable timestamps for each product. This allows viewers to skip to the sections most relevant to them, making the gift guide not only captivating but also user-friendly.

7. Countdown Clocks: Driving Urgency Through Video

Countdown clocks tap into the psychology of scarcity and urgency. The ticking seconds trigger an instinctive fear of missing out, creating a sense of immediacy that pushes shoppers to take action. Integrating countdown clocks into your video marketing provides a real-time reminder of limited availability, amplifying the power of your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns. 

Place the countdown prominently within the video frame and pair it with text that emphasizes the exclusivity of the offer. The combination effectively drives viewers to act quickly, boosting both traffic and sales.

8. Bite-Sized Social Media Snippets: Short, Shareable, Impactful

Short-form video snippets on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter can generate substantial engagement. Extracting key moments from your longer videos and repurposing them into 15-30 second clips allows you to cater to social media’s fast-paced environment. 

By utilizing an AI-assisted platform like Visla, you can easily trim and edit these clips, adding captions or effects to make them more engaging. The right snippet, shared at the right time, can go viral, casting a wide net and reeling in potential customers for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

9. Shoppable Videos: One Click Away from Purchase

Shoppable videos revolutionize the customer experience by seamlessly blending content and commerce. These interactive videos contain clickable links that lead directly to the product pages, making the path from discovery to purchase smoother than ever. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing, this convenience is crucial. 

You can incorporate these clickable elements in various ways: icons, text overlays, or even embedded buttons within the video. Ensure the interface is intuitive, making it easy for the viewer to shop as they watch.

10. Interactive Gamification: Engage, Play, Shop

Gamification in videos is a rising trend that promises to reshape the landscape of customer engagement. Elements like quizzes, clickable adventures, or reward-based challenges can make your video content not just a passive viewing experience but an interactive journey. Such elements enhance engagement, encourage sharing, and can even gather consumer data. 

Whether it’s a quiz to find the perfect gift or a clickable adventure that leads to secret deals, gamification adds a layer of fun that can set your Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns apart from the rest.

The Role of Video in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

In the high-stakes arena of Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing, video is a game-changer. With 91% of businesses now incorporating video into their marketing toolset, its influence looms larger than ever. Another eye-catching stat? A solid 96% of marketers consider video crucial to their overall strategy. 

Source: Oberlo

Why does video garner such high esteem? For starters, it offers a compelling way to engage an audience: 96% of consumers say video makes understanding a product or service easier. Moreover, 95% assert that video heightens brand awareness. And the metrics go beyond mere perception; video yields tangible benefits. Over 90% of marketers confirm that video amplifies web traffic, nurtures leads, and escalates sales. 

The future also looks promising; 70% of marketers who haven’t yet adopted video plan to do so in 2023. Factors such as ease of creation, especially with AI-assisted tools, and demonstrable ROI, make jumping on the video bandwagon an increasingly easy decision for brands.

Video clearly dominates as an indispensable element in Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing, making it not just a trend but a staple for savvy businesses.

May Horiuchi
Content Specialist at Visla

May is a Content Specialist for Visla. In a past life, she worked as a content analyst and product expert for an in-house video content marketing team and a freelance blog writer for a wide range of clients.