5 AI Tools for Your Business to Try in 2024

As we step into 2024, the realm of business is increasingly intertwined with artificial intelligence. The era where AI tools for business were just a tech enthusiast’s daydream is long gone; today, they’re a critical asset for any forward-thinking company. Whether it’s about enhancing creativity, streamlining sales, or unlocking the potential of data analytics, AI is reshaping the way we work.

1. Google Bard

Google Gemini, an important AI tool.

Google Bard is an AI tool from Google, focusing on creative idea exploration and content generation. It leverages Google’s AI expertise to deliver a versatile range of functionalities, from language translation to writing various kinds of creative content. Bard is positioned as a tool for enhancing creativity and simplifying complex explanations.

Key Features

  • Creative Content Generation: Excels in generating text and creative content.
  • Language Translation: Capable of translating languages effectively.
  • User Interaction: Designed to interact with prompts and improve based on feedback.
  • Integration with Google Services: Utilizes information from various Google services to provide informed responses.
  • Continual Learning: Constantly updates its learning from vast textual data, making it more adept over time.

Is This Product Right for You?

Google Bard is ideal for individuals or businesses needing help with creative content generation or simplifying complex topics. Its ability to translate languages can be particularly useful for global teams. However, it’s important to note that Bard is an experimental tool and might not always provide perfect results.

2. Salesforce Einstein AI Solutions

Salesforce Einstein AI brings AI capabilities into Salesforce’s suite, enhancing various business processes. It’s designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions and internal workflows.

Key Features

  • Predictive and Generative AI Across Customer 360: Enhances customer and employee interactions.
  • Sales AI: Features include AI-driven tools for accelerating sales processes.
  • Customer Service AI: Delivers personalized customer service and faster issue resolution.
  • Marketing AI: Drives personalization in marketing and customizes outreach.
  • Einstein Copilot: A generative-AI powered assistant for Salesforce applications, offering reasoning through tasks based on pre-built skills.

Is This Product Right for You?

Salesforce Einstein AI is ideal for businesses already using Salesforce and looking to leverage AI for enhancing customer experience and internal processes. It’s particularly beneficial for sales, marketing, and customer service teams looking to automate and personalize their workflows.

3. ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot, an AI-powered analytics platform.

ThoughtSpot is an AI-powered analytics platform designed to deliver insights rapidly from modern data stacks. It’s tailored for business leaders, data analysts, and product builders, offering an intuitive and powerful way to interact with data.

Key Features

  • Intuitive Search Interface: Easy interaction with cloud data, akin to Google search.
  • Real-Time Data Visualization: Features interactive Liveboards for real-time business metric visualization.
  • Automated Monitoring and Alerting: Tracks business KPIs and notifies about changes.
  • Direct Cloud Data Connection: Connects directly to cloud data platforms without data movement.
  • AI-Driven Analysis: SpotIQ algorithm identifies anomalies, correlations, and trends.

Is This Product Right for You?

ThoughtSpot is perfect if you’re looking to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently. Its real-time insights and intuitive search interface make it a great choice for businesses of all sizes that rely heavily on data analytics for decision-making.

4. Motion

Motion, an AI-powered calendar manager.

Motion offers a solution for those seeking to improve their time management and scheduling efficiency. It’s a tool aimed at increasing productivity by optimizing how tasks and meetings are scheduled. This platform is particularly focused on automating the scheduling process, which could be a significant time-saver for busy professionals.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Calendar: Adjusts and reprioritizes tasks automatically, adapting to changing schedules.
  • Automatic Task Manager: Creates to-do lists and allows for easy task addition across devices.
  • Automatic Project Manager: Streamlines complex project management with automated scheduling features.
  • Meeting Scheduler: Provides customizable options to help organize and reduce meeting-related disruptions.
  • The Happiness Algorithm: An interesting feature that prioritizes tasks based on personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

Is This Product Right for You?

Motion is best suited for individuals or teams who deal with a high volume of tasks and meetings and are looking for a way to automate and streamline their scheduling. It’s useful for those who want to spend less time planning and more time executing tasks.

5. Visla

A screenshot of the main desktop interface of Visla, an AI-powered video production platform.

Visla is an AI-powered video creation and editing platform, designed to make video storytelling easy and efficient for businesses. It’s particularly adept at transforming various forms of content into high-quality videos, making it a powerful tool for marketing, sales, customer support, and more.

Key Features

  • AI Video Generator: Transforms a wide range of inputs into videos.
  • AI Video Editor: An AI-assisted tool that lets you edit like a pro with ease. 
  • Supplemental Footage Recommendations: Provides AI-recommended footage to enhance videos.
  • Filler Word Removal: Automatically removes unnecessary pauses and repetitive phrases.
  • Branding Tools: Offers branding options for videos to maintain corporate identity.
  • Integration with Popular Platforms: Includes integration with platforms like Zoom and Slack.

Is This Product Right for You?

Visla is a strong choice for businesses looking to leverage video content for marketing, sales, or educational purposes. Its AI-driven editing and generation capabilities make it accessible for users with varying levels of video editing experience. The ability to integrate with popular business platforms also makes it a practical tool for teams looking to streamline their video creation workflow.

Why You Need an AI Tool for Your Business

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead means embracing the latest technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of this technological revolution. AI tools for business are no longer just a futuristic concept but a present-day necessity, offering unparalleled efficiency, insights, and automation capabilities.

The primary reason any business should consider trying AI tools lies in their ability to streamline operations and unlock new insights. From automating routine tasks to providing predictive analytics, AI tools help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. However, it’s important to approach AI with realistic expectations. While AI can significantly enhance productivity and innovation, it’s not a magic solution to all business challenges. It requires thoughtful integration and management, and its effectiveness varies depending on the specific needs and context of each business.

Moreover, AI tools offer a competitive edge in understanding customer behaviors and preferences. They can personalize customer experiences, predict market trends, and even assist in creating innovative products and services. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that AI is an evolving field. Results improve over time as the system learns from more data. Businesses should view AI as a long-term investment. 

May Horiuchi
Content Specialist at Visla

May is a Content Specialist for Visla. In a past life, she worked as a content analyst and product expert for an in-house video content marketing team and a freelance blog writer for a wide range of clients.