A Holiday Video Marketing Guide for Your Business

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By Mark Horiuchi

Key Points

  • Holiday-themed video marketing taps into the unique consumer engagement and spending patterns of the festive season, offering a strategic opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience and influence B2B decision-making.
  • Tailoring video content to specific holidays allows businesses to authentically participate in diverse cultural celebrations and leverage these occasions for meaningful audience interaction.
  • Effective holiday video marketing requires a blend of cultural sensitivity, strategic timing, platform-specific content, and visually compelling storytelling, aligning with the festive spirit while resonating with a diverse and engaged audience.

As the festive season approaches, businesses across the globe are gearing up for a crucial time of the year: holiday marketing. This period, rich with traditions, celebrations, and a spirit of giving, offers a unique opportunity to connect with audiences through creative and engaging content. Explore the nuances of holiday-themed video marketing, understand insights into consumer behavior, the importance of cultural sensitivity, and strategic messaging to help your business maximize impact during this festive season.

The Business Case for Holiday-Themed Video Marketing Content

The holiday season, with its unique blend of festivity and consumer engagement, presents an unmatched opportunity for businesses. Leveraging holiday-themed video marketing is not just a creative choice, but a strategic business decision. Make sure your video production team is ready.

During the holiday season, consumer behavior undergoes a significant shift. There’s an increase in engagement and spending, driven by the festive mood and the spirit of gifting. Businesses can capitalize on this heightened activity by creating holiday-themed video content that resonates with this audience’s mindset. This is the time when consumers are more receptive to new ideas and products, making it an ideal period for launching innovative marketing campaigns.

In the B2B sector, decision-making processes can be influenced by the festive periods as well. End-of-year budgets and planning for the upcoming year make decision-makers more open to considering new partnerships and solutions. Holiday-themed video content can be an effective tool for B2B marketers to communicate value propositions in a way that aligns with the season’s spirit.

Holidays To Focus On For Your Video Marketing Efforts


Thanksgiving marks a season of gratitude, an ideal time for businesses to connect authentically with their audience. This period offers a unique opportunity to reflect and express appreciation, making it a vital component of holiday marketing strategies.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, businesses can leverage video marketing to express heartfelt gratitude to partners, clients, and customers. 

  • A personalized thank you video message can leave a lasting impression, fostering stronger relationships.
  • Showcasing team members sharing what they’re thankful for adds a human touch, resonating with professional audiences.
  • A montage of the year’s highlights, acknowledging milestones and shared successes with partners and clients, not only reflects gratitude but also strengthens business relationships. 
  • Highlighting community involvement or charitable initiatives during this time further emphasizes a company’s commitment to giving back. 

These content ideas not only enhance brand image but also deepen connections within the business community.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not just retail bonanzas; they are pivotal for B2B businesses in holiday marketing. These days set the stage for lucrative opportunities and strategic promotions as the year draws to a close.

For B2B companies, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a unique chance to stand out. Creating targeted video content that highlights special promotions or exclusive services can capture attention during this busy period. Businesses can utilize video marketing to showcase year-end deals, bundle offers, or exclusive services, catering to the needs of other businesses gearing up for the holiday season. Demonstrating how products or services can solve end-of-year challenges or prepare for the new year can be particularly effective. 

Additionally, using video to share client testimonials or case studies creates a compelling narrative around the effectiveness of a business’s offerings. This approach not only leverages the high-traffic period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday but also sets a tone of innovation and customer focus, essential for B2B holiday marketing success.


Diwali, the Festival of Lights, celebrated by millions around the world, is a vibrant and auspicious time. Recognizing this holiday can significantly enhance a brand’s holiday marketing strategy, especially in its appeal to diverse audiences.

Diwali, known for its colorful celebrations, fireworks, and lamps, symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness. In creating Diwali-themed videos, businesses can mirror this theme by showcasing bright, lively visuals that reflect the festival’s joyous atmosphere. Educating audiences about the significance of Diwali, its traditions, and stories through engaging video content can deepen cultural understanding and appreciation. 

Businesses might also feature their products or services in festive settings, demonstrating their relevance to Diwali celebrations. Sharing wishes of prosperity, health, and happiness in these videos can resonate deeply with those celebrating. Additionally, highlighting community engagements or charitable initiatives during Diwali can illustrate a company’s commitment to cultural inclusivity and social responsibility, further enriching its holiday marketing campaign.


Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, presents a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with a diverse audience. Recognizing and celebrating this holiday is a key element in inclusive holiday marketing.

As Hanukkah spans eight days, businesses can create a series of videos, each highlighting different aspects of the holiday or their brand’s connection to it. This could include educational content about Hanukkah’s history and traditions, shining a light on cultural understanding. 

Businesses can also feature special daily offers or showcase product highlights, aligning with the theme of ‘light and miracles’. Sharing stories from Jewish employees or community leaders can add a personal touch, fostering a sense of inclusivity. Additionally, engaging in community-oriented initiatives or collaborations with Jewish organizations can be shared through video content, demonstrating respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. 


Christmas, a globally celebrated holiday, presents an ideal backdrop for businesses to craft inclusive and universally appealing holiday marketing content.

For Christmas, creating video content that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with the global spirit of the season is crucial. Businesses can focus on universal themes like joy, family, and generosity, which align with the essence of Christmas. Videos that showcase diverse ways of celebrating Christmas around the world can be both enlightening and engaging, broadening the appeal of the content. 

Including messages of peace, unity, and goodwill in video campaigns can create a positive and inclusive brand image. It’s also effective to highlight corporate social responsibility initiatives during this time, such as charity drives or community support programs, through storytelling in videos.

New Year

New Year’s Eve is a global celebration that marks new beginnings and reflections on the year passed. It’s a crucial time for businesses to connect with their audience through effective holiday marketing.

As New Year approaches, businesses have the opportunity to create video content that showcases a year-in-review, highlighting key achievements, milestones, and challenges overcome. This not only provides transparency but also helps in building a narrative of growth and resilience. Additionally, businesses can share their future plans and aspirations in a video format, generating excitement and anticipation among their audience. 

Employing aspirational messaging in these videos can inspire action and optimism for the new year. This could include setting goals, introducing new initiatives, or previewing upcoming products and services. Businesses can also encourage viewer interaction by asking them to share their own resolutions or hopes for the new year, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Best Practices for Holiday Video Marketing

The holiday season offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience through video marketing. Crafting a successful campaign involves more than festive visuals; it requires strategy, cultural awareness, and creativity.

Cultural Sensitivity in Video Content

In an increasingly global market, respecting cultural diversity is essential. Businesses should research and understand the various holidays celebrated by their audience. This understanding helps in creating content that is inclusive and respectful. For instance, acknowledging different traditions and customs in holiday videos can demonstrate a brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. This approach not only appeals to a wider audience but also strengthens the brand’s global image.

Strategic Message Timing

Timing is crucial in holiday marketing. Plan and schedule your video releases to align with specific holiday periods. Early campaign launches can help in capturing audience attention before the peak holiday rush. For holidays like Christmas or New Year, consider the lead-up time when people are planning and making decisions. Timely content ensures maximum visibility and relevance.

Selecting the Right Platforms

Choose platforms where your target audience is most active. While social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great for B2C marketing, LinkedIn might be more effective for B2B audiences. Additionally, consider platform-specific content styles – for instance, shorter, more engaging videos for Instagram, and detailed, story-driven content for YouTube.

Visual Storytelling for the Holidays

The holiday season is visually rich and emotionally evocative. Use this to your advantage by incorporating festive elements into your video storytelling. Use colors, music, and imagery that resonate with the holiday spirit. However, ensure that these elements align with your brand identity and message. Storytelling that connects emotionally with viewers can be more effective in building lasting relationships than overtly promotional content.

Implementing these best practices in your holiday video marketing strategy can significantly enhance your campaign’s effectiveness, ensuring it resonates with a diverse, engaged audience.

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