Last updated: December 11, 2023

Visla is committed to exceptional customer service, prioritizing customer needs first. We offer a free plan that includes all essential features, with an intro and outro on exported files, limitations on video exports to free stock only, and reduced storage capacity. We encourage users to explore this free plan to make an informed decision about our subscription services.

Visla maintains a no-refund policy under all circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Tax Differences: Requests for refunds due to tax differences based on country policies.

  2. Currency Exchange Differences: Requests for refunds due to currency exchange rate differences between countries.

  3. Incompatibility or Misuse: Inability to use the software due to incorrect operations, incompatible operating systems, browsers, or lack of technical ability.

  4. Pricing Discrepancies: Requests for refunds on the price difference between the amount paid and any promotional price.

  5. Post-Use Requests: Requests for refunds after the software has been used for its intended purpose.

  6. Lack of Due Diligence: Failure to read product details or try the free version before purchasing a premium plan.

  7. Change of Mind: Change of mind after purchase.

  8. Misunderstanding of Features: The platform does not perform as you thought it would. It is the user's responsibility to understand the features of the platform and try the free plan before committing to a paid subscription. *Refer to point 5

  9. Unspecified Reasons: Requests for refunds without a specific reason.

  10. Non-Cancellation: Automatic subscription charges incurred due to not cancelling the subscription before the renewal date.

  11. Non-Cooperation: Technical issues where there is a refusal to cooperate with the Visla support team in providing necessary information for troubleshooting.

This policy encourages responsible and informed use of Visla's services, ensuring customer satisfaction through careful decision-making prior to purchase. For any inquiries or support needs, customers are encouraged to contact the Visla support team.