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Learn how to train new hires effectively using Visla's Screen Step Recorder. Capture, enhance, and distribute instructional videos with ease.

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Why Use Visla for Training New Hires?

Visla's Screen Step Recorder allows you to develop clear, effective training resources. Effortlessly capture complex processes and leverage AI to generate step-by-step guides. Seamlessly share your training materials across your organization for streamlined onboarding and knowledge transfer. Explore Key Use Cases below for optimizing training efficiency and effectiveness.

Screen Step Recorder Training New Hire. Visual guide demonstrating employee onboarding process, focusing on knowledge transfer and reducing time-to-productivity for new hires in a conference setting.

Employee Onboarding

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer: Provide clear, visual guides that cover essential company information and job functions.

  • Reduce time-to-productivity: Help new hires get up to speed quickly, minimizing dependence on trainers for basic tasks.

Screen Step Recorder training new hire. Visual guide for process and procedure training, showcasing step-by-step guidance and reducing errors in a meeting setting.

Process and Procedure Training

  • Step-by-step guidance: Break down complex workflows into easily digestible video segments.

  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies: Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures with clear, visual demonstrations.

Screen Step Recorder training new hire. Visual guide for software and tool walkthrough, emphasizing efficient training and reduced learning curve in software and tool walkthroughs.

Software and Tool Walkthroughs

  • Efficient software training: Demonstrate how to navigate and utilize essential software tools.

  • Minimize onboarding friction: Reduce the learning curve associated with new technology and software systems.

Screen Step Recorder training new hire. Visual guide for safety and compliance training, demonstrating critical safety protocols and reinforcing safe practices in a meeting setting.

Safety and Compliance Training

  • Emphasize critical safety protocols: Visually demonstrate procedures to reinforce safe practices.

  • Ensure compliance adherence: Provide clear explanations of compliance regulations with easily accessible video resources.

Screen Step Recorder training new hire. Visual guide for product demonstrations, highlighting key features and benefits while enhancing understanding for new hires.

Product Demonstrations

  • Showcase product features: Highlight key product functions and benefits in a compelling format.

  • Enhance product understanding: Offer in-depth explanations for new hires, improving sales readiness or customer service.

How To Use the Screen Step Recorder to Train New Hires

The Screen Step Recorder makes it easy to create engaging step-by-step guides to help you train new hires.

How to use the Screen Step Recorder to train new hires. Visual guide showcasing screen recording interface for creating engaging step-by-step guides and capturing processes.

Capture Your Process

Begin with capturing the task or procedure you're teaching new hires.

Screen Step Recorder training new hire. AI Magic feature in Visla's Screen Step Recorder, showcasing automated text overlays and scene generation for high-quality training guides.

AI Magic

Visla's AI automates text overlays and scene generation, streamlining the creation of high-quality training guides.

Screen Step Recorder training new hire. Visual guide demonstrating export options and distributing training guides with Visla's Screen Step Recorder across platforms.

Distribute Anywhere

Visla allows you to easily distribute your training guides across platforms to engage a wide audience.

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