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Discover how to effortlessly add music to your videos with Visla, featuring AI-powered recommendations and a vast library of background music. Elevate your content with easy-to-use volume controls and the perfect tracks to enhance your video's impact and emotional connection with your audience.

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The Power of Background Music in Professional Videos

Background music plays a pivotal role in enhancing the viewer's experience, setting the tone, and emotionally connecting with the audience. Incorporating the right background music can elevate your content, making it more engaging and memorable. With Visla, you gain access to sophisticated music features designed to harmonize perfectly with your video content.

Mastering Background Music with Visla

Visla's background music capabilities are designed with your creative freedom and convenience in mind, offering everything you need to fine-tune the auditory aspect of your videos.

AI-Powered Music Recommendations for adding music to videos, let Visla’s AI guide you to provide perfect background music to your video.

AI-Powered Music Recommendations

Let Visla's AI guide you to the perfect soundtrack with recommendations tailored to your video, ensuring your content strikes the right chord every time.

Master Your Music Volume - Interface for adding background music to videos with a preview and volume control slider, ensuring optimal audio levels for video content.

Master Your Music Volume

With easy-to-use volume controls, you can adjust the background music to complement your video perfectly, ensuring clarity and harmony between the visual and auditory elements.

Explore an Extensive Music Library for adding background music to videos, diving into Visla’s vast library of background music to find the ideal sound for your video.

Explore an Extensive Music Library

Dive into Visla's vast library of background tracks to find the ideal sound for your video. Whether you're seeking something upbeat or mellow, our collection has you covered. For our premium users, an even wider selection of tracks is available.

Personalize with Your Own Music feature showing options to add music to videos and manage background music, re-generate and remove background music are just as effortless.

Personalize with Your Own Music

For those who have specific tracks in mind, Visla makes it simple to upload your own music. If you decide against using background music, removing it is just as effortless.

Intuitive Music Management interface for adding background music to videos, showing options for length autofit, auto ducking, and extensions for intro and outro music, streamlining video editing process.

Intuitive Music Management

Control every aspect of your background music with ease, either from the sidebar or the control bar at the bottom of the screen. Features such as length autofit, auto-ducking, and extending music to fit your video's intro or outro are all at your fingertips, ensuring seamless integration with your content.

How Can I Add Music to My Videos?

Boost Videos with Visla’s Background Music

Background music is essential for video production, transforming your content from good to unforgettable. With Visla's 'Add Music to Video' feature, making videos that resonate with your audience has never been simpler.

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