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Smarter Video Guides, Assisted by Smart Al

The Visla Screen Step Recorder captures your screen activity, using AI to annotate and emphasize actions to create clear, step-by-step guides. This tool streamlines guide production, boosts training and collaboration, and elevates customer support by creating compelling instructional content.

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Visla's Al-Powered Screen Step Recorder: Your Team's Multi-Use Tool


How Visla's Screen Step Recorder Works

Illustration showing Visla's Screen Step Recorder capturing every process on a device, from mouse movements to clicks for detailed guide creation.

Capture Every Process

Visla's Screen Step Recorder meticulously records every action you take on your device, from mouse movements to clicks, ensuring no detail is missed. This precision aids in creating detailed and accurate guides.

Visla's Screen Step Recorder interface showing a step-by-step instruction overlay for dynamic scene creation with annotated key actions.

Dynamic Scene Creation

Following the recording, Visla's platform intelligently annotates key actions, streamlining the process of creating informative and dynamic scenes.

Screenshot of a video with AI-generated text overlay by Visla's Screen Step Recorder, highlighting UI interaction with shapes and arrows for visual guidance.

Al-Generated Text Overlay

Visla AI generates text overlays from UI interactions and adds shapes and arrows to screenshots for clearer instructions and enhanced visual assistance.

Feature interface of Visla's Screen Step Recorder showing options to generate AI voice-over and upload voice for personalized narration with music recommendations for harmonious background audio.

Narration and Music Harmony

With AI narration synced to your actions or your own voiceover, along with AI-recommended background music, your instructional video not only informs but enthralls.

Visla's Screen Step Recorder editing interface displaying tools for customizing text overlays and selecting AI narration and background music for brand-specific video content.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Modify scenes and text overlays or change the AI narration and background music to suit your brand.

Color selection tool in Visla's Screen Step Recorder for setting default branding colors to ensure consistency in visual guides and tutorials.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Add your company logo and colors to create on-brand, professional-looking guides.

Export options in Visla's Screen Step Recorder, showcasing the ability to share content as a GIF or through various other formats, highlighted with a share icon for easy content distribution.

Share With Ease

After recording, share your content effortlessly. Visla offers quick sharing options and a GIF export option to ensure you always reach the right audience.

Why Users Love Our Screen Step Recorder

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The Screen Step Recorder has transformed my workflow. I can quickly create how-to videos for common support questions, making it easy to help multiple customers at once.
It stands out by seamlessly capturing every step of a process, making it incredibly easy to create clear, engaging, and informative tutorials and guides.
I really love the solution, I think you have a great set of tools…and I really appreciate how it is making my life easier.
I’ve experienced my fair share of frustration with poor documentation and clunky software tutorials. This is why I was thrilled to discover this innovative screen step recorder.
As a product marketer, Screen Step Recorder is a game-changer for showcasing new features. It lets me quickly create engaging videos with auto-narrations and visual highlights, perfect for our social media. It’s efficient, effective, and essential for keeping our followers in the loop with the latest updates.
What sets this tool apart is its intuitive design and powerful features, such as the ability to annotate steps and highlight key areas, which are crucial for enhancing user understanding and retention.
Since integrating this screen step recorder into our workflow, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in onboarding times and support queries.
It’s a game-changer for any company serious about scaling efficiently and improving the customer experience.
Whether for internal training or customer support, the capabilities help us communicate complex processes with ease.
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