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The Visla AI Video Editor is your creative partner. Edit your videos like a document using text-based tools. AI streamlines your content, generates elements, and helps you create stunning videos in less time. Experience the future of video editing.

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Transform your video editing with our powerful Al tools that simplify the entire process, making professional-quality video creation accessible for everyone.

Webpage section titled 'Upload Anything' highlighting the flexibility of the AI Video Editor platform, showing buttons for 'Upload', 'Import', and 'Record' to easily add video footage, including direct links from YouTube.

Upload Anything

Flexibility is key. You can easily upload any video footage to the platform, including direct links from YouTube.

Webpage section titled 'Autocut & AI Summary' explains how the AI Video Editor can enhance videos by automatically removing filler words and pauses, and summarizing key points. The interface displays a video editing timeline with options for auto-cut and text editing.

Autocut & AI Summary

Upon upload, our AI can magically enhance your video. Use Autocut to effortlessly remove filler words, pauses, and unwanted segments for a polished result. Additionally, our AI can summarize your video's key points, saving you valuable time.

Webpage section titled 'Text-Based Editing' explains how the AI Video Editor allows users to edit videos by editing the transcript. The interface shows options to preview, cut, and correct text, with a transcript line and editing tools highlighted.

Text-Based Editing

Editing your video is as easy as editing a text document. Our AI provides a transcript of your video, which you can edit directly. Delete a word or a sentence in the transcript, and the corresponding video section gets cut.

Webpage section titled 'AI: Your New Video Assistant' describes how the AI Video Editor recommends optimal shots, footage, and music tailored to the video’s theme. Interface shows options to recommend supplemental footage from public or personal stock, with scenes displayed for selection.

AI: Your New Video Assistant

Think of Visla’s AI as your personal video production assistant. It recommends the best footage from our free stock, our premium stock, or from your private stock library. Need music? Our AI also suggests background tracks that fit the mood and pace of your video.

Webpage section titled 'AI Writes Text, You Save Time' highlights how the AI Video Editor automates the creation of subtitles and on-screen text like headers or bullet points to make videos more accessible and informative, with a preview of subtitle settings in the video editing interface.

AI Writes Text, You Save Time

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our AI automatically generates not just subtitles but also any on-screen text you need, like headers or bullet points. This ensures your video is accessible and informative, all while saving you time in post-production.

Webpage section titled 'Share your Videos' explains how to export completed videos from the AI Video Editor. The image shows a computer screen with a video editing interface and an 'Export' button, illustrating the process of sharing videos with your intended audience.

Share your Videos

Share Your Video When you're happy with the completed video, click on 'Export'. Then, you'll get a link to easily share your video to your intended audience.

How to Edit Videos With the Visla AI Video Editor

Upload Your Content

Upload any video file or YouTube link to the Visla platform. Quick and easy start with drag-and-drop or link pasting.


AutoCut & Summarize

Let AI clean up your video. AI removes pauses, trims filler words, and summarizes automatically.


Edit Transcript

Refine directly via transcript. Edit text to cut corresponding video parts—editing made straightforward.


Enhance with AI Recommendations

Boost quality with AI help. Add AI-suggested B-roll, text, music, and voiceovers to enhance your video.


Share Your Masterpiece

Once perfected,it’s easy to distribute your video widely.

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