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Why Mobile Video Editing Is Essential for Businesses.

The need to create and publish content in real-time has never been more critical. Visla's mobile video editing features ensure that businesses stay ahead of the curve by offering desktop-level editing capabilities right from your smartphone

Unleash Creativity with Visla's Mobile Video Editing Suite

Tap into the full potential of on-the-go video editing with Visla. Our mobile suite puts professional tools right at your fingertips, making it simple to transform your footage into captivating stories anytime, anywhere.

Mobile video editing app interface showing aspect ratio options for landscape, square, and vertical video scenes

Aspect Ratio & Scene Background

Adapt your videos to fit any platform with adjustable aspect ratios and backgrounds that resonate with your brand.

Text style customization options in a mobile video editing app interface, showcasing header text settings for optimal video visuals

Text Styles

Choose from a diverse range of text styles for header, body, and subtitles to give your video the perfect visual voice.

Voice-Over and Language Options feature in a mobile video editing app, showcasing AI voice selection for multilingual support and global audience reach

Voice-Over & Language Options

Record new voice-overs directly with your device's microphone, or choose from a variety of AI voices. We also offer multiple languages, enabling you to reach a global audience.

Mobile video editing app interface with background music selection feature, showcasing a curated library for video soundtracks

Background Music

Access a curated music library to find the perfect soundtrack for your video's mood and message.

Intuitive scene editing tools in a mobile video editing app, showcasing audio, text, transition, and animation features for enhancing video narratives

Intuitive Scene Editing

Rearrange and refine scenes with ease for a compelling video narrative.

Mobile video editing app's text-based editing feature with options to add new text, header text, and body text, displayed alongside font and color customization tools.

Text-Based Editing

Experience better video editing with Visla's mobile text-based editing. Edit with precision directly in the transcript, utilizing our AI-led auto-cut and auto-extract functions for streamlined content transformation. Discover more about this revolutionary feature on our Text-based Editing page.

Selection of graphics and footage in a mobile video editing app interface, featuring scenes, stock library, and playback controls for effective video enhancement

Graphics and Footage

Add dynamic visuals, from shapes and emojis to changing footage, to highlight key information.

Mobile video editing app showcasing easy transition options like fade and wipe right to enhance storytelling in video production

Easy Transitions

No need for complicated editing. Choose any transition you like to help move your story along.

Dynamic scene animation options in a mobile video editing app, featuring seamless transition effects and pan movements to enhance video content

Dynamic Scene Animations

Our suite of animations, including seamless in & out transitions, smooth pan left & right movements, and dynamic page up & down effects, elevates your content by adding a professional touch that captures attention and engages viewers.

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