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Maximize your videos' impact with Visla's Branding tool. Tailored for businesses seeking distinction, this solution elevates your content, ensuring your brand stands out.

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Maximize Your Video's Impact with Visla's Branding

In a digital landscape overflowing with content, distinctive branding sets your videos apart and fosters a deeper connection with your audience. Visla's branding tools not only enhance the visual appeal of your content but also strengthen brand recall, making your message more memorable

Tailored Branding for Every Video

Visla offers total control over your video branding, ensuring every piece of content represents your brand

Visla Video Branding: Branding Flexibility Across Levels highlighting 'Branding' tab, emphasizing 'Branding Flexibility Across Levels' for user-level, project, and scene-specific.

Branding Flexibility Across Levels

Visla empowers you to infuse your brand's essence into every video, offering unparalleled flexibility at three distinct levels: Global (User Level), Project, and Scene. This tiered approach ensures your brand identity remains sharp and consistent from one video to the next, regardless of project scale.

Visla Video Branding: Intro & Outro Customization interface showing options for personalized video intros and outros.

Intro & Outro Customization

Start and finish your videos with custom intros and outros, setting the stage for your brand's message and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Visla Video Branding: Logo Overlays interface showing adding logo overlays in Visla software, depicting a Visla logo being placed on a video clip for brand visibility without disrupting viewer experience.

Logo Overlays

Ensure your brand is visible throughout your video content with logo overlays. Place your logo strategically on clips and videos to enhance brand recognition without intruding on the viewer's experience.

Selecting 'Branding Color' for customizing graphics in videos, as part of the 'Add Graphic to Video' feature, showcasing a palette of default branding colors in the Visla application interface.

Branding Color

Set the tone and elevate your brand identity with Visla's Branding Colors. Infuse your videos with the hues that define you or your company, ensuring uniformity across content. Select from a palette to accent your text and subtitles, crafting videos that are distinctively yours. Visla gives you the power to make your visual message resonate

Text Styling feature in Visla video editing software, showing 'Header Text' graphic overlay on a video, part of the 'Add Graphic to Video' tools for enhancing video content with styled text.

Text Styling

Highlight your branding with Visla's precision text styling. Easily adjust fonts, colors, and effects to create custom styles for various text overlays, and subtitles, ensuring visual consistency and brand alignment across your media.

Subtitle Styling interface in Visla, highlighting options for 'Add Graphic to Video' with text tools for keyword and word-by-word highlights, showcasing subtitle customization options for enhancing video content.

Subtitle Styling

The AI-highlighted subtitle is a standout feature of Visla, dynamically emphasizing keywords and phrases to ensure your audience grasps the essential points. Visla's subtitle branding elevates this feature by allowing users to easily adjust the font, color, and effect of subtitles. Create custom styles for subtitle and keyword highlight to ensure visual consistency and brand alignment across your media.

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