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Change the wallpaper of your Visla project to align with your brand's look, engage viewers, and produce engaging videos for your business.

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Why You Should Add Wallpapers to Your Videos

Custom backgrounds elevate your videos, enhancing brand visibility and making stories more engaging. This strategy not only improves aesthetics but also strengthens brand identity and audience connections, turning your videos into powerful tools for storytelling and marketing.

Here's how wallpapers improve your videos:


Ways You Can Add a Wallpaper to Your Video

Setting wallpaper for all video projects in the app interface

Set Your Wallpaper For All Projects

Add a wallpaper to your videos through the 'Settings' in our web or desktop app. Select 'Wallpaper' from the left menu bar, pick an existing image, or click '+' to upload a new one.

Using an image as video wallpaper in the editing software

Use an lmage as Your Video Wallpaper

To set an image as your video wallpaper in Visla, start by creating or uploading your video to Visla. Within your project, apply the Picture-in-Picture effect to add and view your chosen wallpaper, effortlessly blending it with your video for an enhanced visual experience.

Changing wallpaper during video recording with the desktop app

Change Wallpaper During Video Recording

Using the Visla desktop app, change your video recording background on the fly by clicking 'More' (...) and selecting 'Change Wallpaper' to match your business’s communication needs.

Exporting and sharing the video with a custom wallpaper

Export and Share

Click 'Export' to finish your video. After exporting, download or share it online directly.

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