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Visla’s Screen Step Recorder, powered by AI, makes it easy for anyone to create engaging how-to video guides. From simple tasks to complex processes, this tool simplifies learning for everyone.

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Why Use Visla for How-To Guides?

Step into the future of educational content with Visla's Screen Step Recorder. Craft how-to guides that are not only informative but also engaging, ensuring that learners do more than watch—they comprehend. Explore Key Use Cases below for creating captivating How-To Guides.

Creating a how-to guide using Screen Step Recorder benefits for product guides and Demos

Product Guides and Demos

Create step-by-step guides to showcase your product’s features and functionalities. Whether it’s software, an app, or a physical product, Visla’s Screen Step Recorder helps you demonstrate how it works effectively.

Employee onboarding training session using Screen Step Recorder for creating how-to guides

Employee Onboarding and Training

  • Simplify training for new hires by providing instructional videos created using our Screen Step Recorder. Cover software usage, company processes, and best practices.

  • Equip your customer success team with step-by-step videos for efficient query resolution.

Creating how-to guides with Screen Step Recorder give best benefit for quality Assurance and bug reporting so that it greatly improve productivity

Quality Assurance and Bug Reporting

  • Reproduce and document issues reported by users. Capture every interaction to help developers identify and fix bugs.

  • Use our tool during usability testing sessions to analyze user interactions and improve your product’s user experience.

Creating internal SOPs and workflows with a Screen Step Recorder for efficient how-to guides

Internal SOPs and Workflows

Document standard operating procedures (SOPs) and workflows within your organization. Visla’s Screen Step Recorder uses AI to generate text overlays and arrows and boxes to highlight key information.

Sales professionals discussing product demos created with Screen Step Recorder for how-to guides so that it greatly help marketing and sales for your business

Marketing and Sales

  • Create engaging product demos for marketing purposes. Highlight key features, benefits, and use cases.

  • Equip your sales team with step-by-step demos to effectively showcase your product during client presentations.

Using the Screen Step Recorder to Generate How-To Guides, Explained

Visla’s Screen Step Recorder interface demonstrating the capture of a how-to guide process

Capture the Process

Begin with recording the task or procedure you're teaching.

Visla’s Screen Step Recorder's AI features that enhance the creation process of how-to guides.

Enhance with AI

Use Visla's AI for automated text overlays and scene generation, improving the instructional quality of your guide.

Screen Step Recorder’s export feature highlighted for global distribution of how-to guides.

Distribute Globally

Visla allows you to easily distribute your how-to videos across platforms to engage a wide audience.

Watch our video guide made with Visla’s Screen Step Recorder

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