Remove Camera Background

Easily change your camera background with Visla. No green screen required. Customize with presets or upload your own image.

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No more distracting backgrounds

No more distracting backgrounds

  • Easily remove your camera background by selecting the “Remove Background” option next to your camera preview.

  • No need for complex green screen set-ups. Instantly change your camera background and create professional-looking recordings with a customizable background. Easily separate the main video subject from the background, with or without a green screen.

  • Change your background to any color, choose from Visla presets, or upload your own image

Green screen option

Green screen option

  • If you have a green screen, simply select the “I have a green screen” option and the background removal effect will be more precise. You can also choose the color of your background to be removed if the detected color is inaccurate.

  • No need to move your computer around to find the perfect backdrop - you can change your background easily with Visla.

  • Effectively communicate your messages showing a clean, non-distracting background to make your recordings look more professional and create a better impression.

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