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Visla's Video Translator easily translates narrations, subtitles, text overlays and metadata (title, description, tags) into multiple languages, boosting global engagement.

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Why Expanding Your Language Offerings Is Crucial

In an increasingly globalized market, the ability to communicate across linguistic barriers is invaluable. Visla's video translator ensures your content is not just seen but understood worldwide, breaking down barriers and opening up new markets.

Language Support

Visla proudly supports a range of languages to help your business reach an international audience: English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Dutch. This diverse language support enables you to tailor your content to specific markets, ensuring your message resonates with viewers regardless of their native tongue.

Key Features for Global Video Creation

Visla's video translator elevates your content beyond mere language translation; it tailor-makes your videos to resonate with audiences globally.

Visla's Multilingual AI-Generated Voiceovers interface, showcasing video translator feature has the power of Visla’s AI to generate natural-sounding voiceovers across a wide range of languages.

Multilingual AI-Generated Voiceovers

Harness the power of Visla's AI to generate natural-sounding voiceovers across a wide range of languages. This innovation not only saves on the costs associated with hiring voiceover artists but also preserves the authentic essence of your content.

Visla's interface displaying Seamless Language Translation for video translator, including dropdown menus for story selection and language options like English, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Text excerpt from a translated video script shown alongside.

Seamless Language Translation

Initiate effortless translation to any of Visla's supported languages. Visla takes charge, automatically rendering your video with AI-narrated voiceovers, translated subtitles, text overlays, and video metadata, creating a seamless viewing experience for your target audience.

Visla interface showing the 'Precision in Pronunciation' feature for a video translator, with tools to adjust AI voiceover pronunciations, ensuring clear communication in any language.

Precision in Pronunciation

Should the AI voice encounter pronunciation challenges, Visla offers tools for users to make pronunciation adjustments. This ensures that every word is perfectly understood, maintaining the integrity of your message across any language.

Streamlined Account Settings interface in Visla translator feature, showing options to automate voiceover generation with default voices, enhancing efficiency in AI-generated video voice customization.

Streamlined Account Settings

Customize your default AI voice preferences for each supported language directly within your account settings. This feature simplifies the management of global content projects, accelerating the creation process and enhancing efficiency.

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