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Use Visla's AI-powered Step Recorder to boost your customer success teams. Create visual step-by-step guides that elevate service quality and strengthen customer relationships.

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Empower Customer Success with Visla

Visla's Screen Step Recorder revolutionizes how customer success teams manage queries. This tool helps record and break down complex issues into straightforward, step-by-step guides. This improves customer experiences and helps build brand loyalty with seamless video communication. Explore Key Use Cases below for Customer Support Teams.

Customer support agent using Screen Step Recorder for efficient ticket resolution

Ticket Resolution

  • Support agents can respond to tickets by creating video-based responses. Instead of lengthy written explanations, they can visually demonstrate solutions using the step recorder.

  • This approach improves clarity and reduces the chances of miscommunication.

Close-up of a support team member being trained with Screen Step Recorder for customer support training and onboarding

Training and Onboarding

  • New support team members can benefit from step-by-step video guides created using the recorder. These guides cover common scenarios, processes, and best practices.

  • The AI-generated text overlays and dynamic scene creation make these guides engaging and easy to follow.

Customer support team using Screen Step Recorder for troubleshooting assistance

Troubleshooting Assistance

When customers encounter issues, Visla’s AI-powered screen step recorder can capture their interactions with the product or service. This allows support agents to visually understand the problem and provide targeted solutions.

Customer support professionals discussing FAQ development using the Screen Step Recorder

FAQ Development

  • The recorder helps build comprehensive FAQs. By recording UI interactions and workflows, support teams can create video-based answers to common queries.

  • These videos can be shared with customers, reducing the need for repetitive responses.

Creating Standard Operating Procedures with Screen Step Recorder for customer support efficiency

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • For complex processes, SOPs are essential. The step recorder simplifies the creation of SOPs by capturing each step precisely.

  • AI-generated narration and music enhance the instructional content.

Professional using Screen Step Recorder for knowledge sharing and collaboration in customer support

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

  • Support teams can collaborate effectively by sharing instructional videos with colleagues or clients.

  • Whether it’s troubleshooting, training, or process documentation, the step recorder streamlines knowledge sharing.

Getting Started with the Visla Screen Step Recorder
A step-by-step guide

Screen Step Recorder interface ready to start recording for customer support documentation

Start Recording

Install Visla and click the Visla icon in your toolbar or desktop app menu. Select "Screen Step Recorder," choose the capture region, and let Visla automatically document your navigation through any process. To capture multiple processes, simply stop and start anew.

Visual customer support guide created by AI after finishing a Screen Step Recorder session

Let AI Do the Rest

Complete your process and click "Stop" button. Visla’s AI then automatically creates your visual customer support guide.

Screen Step Recorder interface with options to generate AI voice-over and music recommendations to finalize a customer support guide

Finalize Your Project

After Visla creates your step-by-step visual guide, review and edit for accuracy. Enhance it by adding text overlays, AI narration, and background music.

Interface showcasing color palette options for customizing branding in Screen Step Recorder guides

Customize Your Branding

Incorporate your company logo and colors to create professional, brand-aligned guides.

Screen Step Recorder export options to share guides with team or clients as a GIF

Share With Your Team or Clients

Easily share your visual guide with a link or export it as a GIF, ensuring prompt content delivery to your audience.

Watch our video guide made with Visla’s Screen Step Recorder

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Support Your Customers More Effectively With Visla

Visla’s Screen Step Recorder helps you support your customers by making it easy to create how-to-guides and guides.

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