2024 Visla Innovators Video Contest

We launched the Visla Innovators Contest to honor professionals who are changing industries through storytelling. We're excited to recognize those who displayed remarkable creativity and the skill to convey complex ideas engagingly.

The Winning Video

Building a Safer and Healthier World

Guillaume Bogdanovic, Allianz Partners

Our winning video embodies the spirit of innovation that Visla strives to promote with video creation.

Visla Innovators Category Award Winners

Celebrate the creators who have elevated the art of storytelling! Our 2024 Innovator Video Category Awards honor the outstanding contributions across various categories.

Best General Explainer

Reduce Your Stroke Risk: Healthy Habits and Prevention

Subhasish Acharya

Best News, Science or History Explainer

Shaken Ground: Unveiling Earthquake Realities in the U.S.

Greg DeBrosse

Best Product or Service Overview

Eco Ranger Skills Programme: Elevate Your Training Standards

Jonathan Wigley

Best Brand or Company Video

3DNS: The Future of Domain Management Across Web2 & Web3

Maxwell Ronquillo

Best Training-Related Video

Mastering Repair Orders: A Tyrepower Bundaberg Guide

Marlene Curreen

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